Guide To Filing Medical Claims In Phone APPs

** Make sure to file a separate claim for each PAID Invoice**

** Make sure to include the prescription in every claim. For multiple items, this will mean you will need to be uploading the prescription multiple times. **


– After logging into the insurance APP, choose the correct category for the medical item. (Most of them will fall under “medical equipment”, but if you were unable to spot the category at the first glance, just put the claim through “other expense/ other medical equipment”)


– Choose service date as it is shown on the PAID invoice

– Enter the total price on the PAID invoice

– Take picture of the prescription and add as attachment

– Take picture of the PAID invoice and add as attachment


– Submit and you are done!


The categories may vary from insurance to insurance, however in general if you put it under Other expense the employee at the insurance company will sort out the claim and put it through the right category.

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